Human Relations Development Training

CAHRO offers limited training on a fee for service basis to developing and established public and private agencies addressing human relations issues. We make referrals for training not offered by our Association. Members receive free consultation and technical assistance and access to CAHRO’s lending library of videotapes, publications, and written materials.

The following types of training are currently offered by CAHRO:

  1. Establishing a public human rights (relations) commission
  2. Designing a workplan for a human rights (relations) organization
  3. Team building in an human rights (relations) organization
  4. Building a local or regional human relations or civil rights network
  5. Building local or regional capacity to address hate violence and hate crime
  6. Community intergroup conflict prevention and response
  7. Responding to youth intergroup conflicts
  8. Media response to intergroup conflict
  9. School prevention and responses to intergroup conflict
  10. Community policing from a community perspective